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Step 1: You go to our REGISTRATION PAGE and furnish necessary basic details.

Step 2: We send you an email with CONFIRMATION LINK

Step 3: You check your email (including your SPAM/JUNK folder) - Locate our mail and click on the CONFIRMATION LINK

Step 4: Hurray!!! Now, you are a MEMBER of our Research Survey Panel.

Step 5: You log-in with the credentials on MY ACCOUNT link of our portal.

Step 6: You provide MORE INFO about yourself for the profiling questions available in the portal. This is VERY IMPORTANT as we send APPROPRIATE and MORE SURVEYS only if you have maximum profiling questions completed. If your profile is not complete, your chances of getting more surveys and more appropriate surveys is very low.

Step 7: You keep checking your inbox every day to find our SURVEY MAIL.

Step 8: When you find our SURVEY MAIL, click on the survey link and proceed. Once you complete the Survey (we don't pay you if you are not eligible for that survey), We credit the Survey points to your account.

Step 9: Once you have attended couple of Surveys, you can claim your points for any rewards listed in the rewards zone.

Step 10: We send you the rewards and confirm you via email.

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How do I participate in online surveys???

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